Dr. Haldric Maldian

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Dr. Haldric Maldian
Position: Premier of Carops
Term of Office: CY 5678-5683
Predecessor: Dr. Phodric Dormond
Successor: Miria Seranoda
Date of Birth 6th/10th/CY 5210
Place of Birth: Carmeldanna, Ariatra
Qualifications: FIO, OIP
Pontiana Seat: Ariatra Zemella
Political Party: Moderate Party of the Pontanore
International Positions: Chair of the Council of Nations

Dr. Haldric Maldian was the Premier of Carops and Pontissiana (Leader of the Pontiana). He previously served as Interior Minister in the Government of Dr. Phodric Dormond, of whom he remains a strong ally. Dr. Maldian was a former university lecturer and Professor of Linguistics, having spent twelve years at the Univerity of The Pontanore, Fornænda. He was married to his wife Soria Maldian (nee. Gamela), with whom he had four children. Dr. Maldian had long been a trusted voice in Carops, following his survival of an assassination attempt made against him, supposedly by Caldari agents. Since becoming Interior Minister, he was responsible for maintianing the safety of the Pontanore's citizens, something which he is thought to have excelled at during his term.


[edit] Rise to Power

Dr. Maldian was elected on the back of the collapse of the coalition government of Dr. Phodric Dormond, who was forced to resign by the Pontiana Executive Committee, as he no longer had sufficient support to remain in office. He was a strong political ally of Dr. Dormond, and is widely seen as continuing many of his policies. He was the sworn enemy of Miria Seranoda, the Foreign Minister under the Dormond government, who was highly critical of the government's handling of foreign policy and was shunned from the corridors of power.

[edit] Foreign Policies

Dr. Maldian and his foreign minister, Garel Thormond, were perceived as being hardline on foreign policy issues, often coming into conflict with other governments. It was widely perceived, and apparently accurately, that much of the government was linked to the interests of the military and intelligence communities.

[edit] Third Liberalian War

Dr. Maldian led the Pontanore into the Third Liberalian War, which resulted in an eventual victory for the Pontanore, although not without some losses. The ensuing Peace Talks saw the Pontanore delegation storm out after claiming to have been insulted by the Curian delegation. Following this, the Pontanore demanded reparations and refused to withdraw occupying forces from Curiaistan, something which furthered Dr. Maldian's reputation as violent and warmongering.

[edit] Downfall and Death

The Maldian Government virtually collapsed following the end of the Third Liberalian War, when it became clear that the Damosca had gained undue influence over government affairs. Criticism against Dr. Maldian was widespread within the Pontiana, and Miria Seranoda submitted a resolution for immediate elections to the Pontiana Executive Committee, which was passed following the effective invasion of the Pontiana Building by the Fostana. Damosca agents supporting Dr. Maldian then stormed the Building, in what is known as the Siege of the Pontiana, maiming and killing anyone in their path. The attrocities committed during this battle, and the chaos created are believed to have been what drove Dr. Maldian to take his own life. He was found hanging from a light fitting on the ceiling of his office within the Pontiana Building, draped in the flag of the Pontanore. A suicide note expressed severe regret and guilt at the events that had unfolded during the siege.

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